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Monday, February 06, 2017

Colin like Wornilde--so their house is down in that style, because James payed for everything.
Earlier that day...
(from Byron's perspective)
Byron fished his favorite scrying crystal out of his pocket. he like to save it for when he was working with his friends, or on small personal projects. It was small and multifaceted, a sphere that fit neatly into the hollow of his palm. It was a gift from a past lover, and was ideal for small, quick scrys.

Byron shrugged. "I don't know really. I rarely dream true, though. It's not my thing, you know that." Ian hummed his agreement. He had always been grateful that his friend was not a dream-seer. Those types of seers did keep their sanity longer than most prophets, but they were still doomed. Byron was a far-seer, but to everyone's great relief, he had only demonstrated a talent for the past and present, never the mind-cracking future.
Henry and Colin hurried down the hallway in the opposite direction Ian had left. Henry didn't even come up to Colin's shoulder, a fact that he found irritating once he had noticed it.

Henry picked up his pace to keep up with Colin's long strides. They walked in companionable silence to Henry's dormitory that he shared with the the other students his age. Henry did not know Colin particularly well; they had met over this project, but he did know him better than Byron.

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Saturday, February 04, 2017
Byron walks Ian home

Byron opened his eyes only to roll them and give a small huff of exasperation. "It's James."

Ian put his hands to his face and rubbed. "I am not looking forward to dealing with him. And you know he's going to be upset when he realizes Colin is dropping Henry off. Well," grumbled Ian, "We may as well go greet the tyrant."

Byron rolled his eyes again. "You know James would be a lot nicer to you if you weren't always encouraging Colin to be insubordinate to him."

Ian frowned. "A person can only be insubordinate to a superior, not a lover."

"Well, James is both," countered Byron with a shrug.

"You are only ok with it because you're from this damn country. Otherwise you'd not be so accepting."

The old argument on how Ian should treat James was one that Byron knew he would not win.

Ian wasn't foolish enough to believe that his friendship with Colin could somehow outweigh the unique bond Colin had with James. Ian new that James was far more to Colin than he could ever be: nursed at the same breast, childhood playmates, educated and raised together; friends, lovers, and someday king and advisor. Ian could not compete with the level of devotion James inspired in Colin. But still, it was annoying to know that his friendship with Colin was a clear second-place. "I just don't like the way James treats him. Directing him about as if he's still a palace servant and not the free mage he is."

"Colin doesn't seem to mind it," answered Byron, even as he knew his input would not sway Ian.

Ian shrugged. "Colin doesn't see how it could be any different. James has literally be running his life since birth."

Byron nodded, not really accepting Ian's point, but just acknowledging the pattern of their worn-out argument. And despite what Ian said, Colin was his happiest when he was with James. Those two had a destiny that was fitted together in a way that many don't get the chance to experience.

They wandered up the stone path to their cozy, if somewhat strange-looking, cottage.

On either side of the path were lush overgrown herb gardens that the three graduates paid a low level student botanist to maintain. During the summer the fragrance was overpowering, but summer was fading and in the crisp air the scent was light and pleasant. The lamps that framed the doorway were already lit, probably by whatever servant James had bullied into letting him into their home.

Byron reached the door first and rushed in, attempting to beat Ian to James. Ian barreled into Byron's back, causing Byron to misstep, but the green-eyeed seer held his ground and gripped the door frame to block Ian from entering. "James," he said, warmth suffusing his voice.

James was lounging in one of the overstuffed armchairs near the lit fireplace. The Prince of Ardal was sprawled out, one leg draped over the arm of the chair and the other extended in front of him as he slouched. As always, Byron took a moment to revel in the fact that the prince of the realm was his house guest, and the moment more to appreciate James' beauty. Honey-blond hair just short of falling in his crystal blue eyes, lighter and brighter than Colin's deep blue. His lips were thin, but still formed an attractive pout. Like Colin, the stresses of his position had prematurely aged him, forming lines on his forehead and around his mouth. Deep set eyes and defined cheekbones gave the impression that the prince was thinly built, but Byron knew better. Having often seen the prince lounging around the house half-naked after spending a loud night with Colin, it was easy to recall the hard planes of muscle and taut skin that laid beneath the blue silk tunic James wore now.

Byron smiled at James, stopping just short of leering. He enjoyed making James a bit uncomfortable, and bodies as fit as James' were not common at the University.

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Colin walks Henry home

There were a few students lounging on the grass in groups. Some sat together in darkness, talking in low voices; other sat with conjured lights illuminating the small circles they gathered in, music and laughter drifting towards their group of three

"It's past curfew for me," mutter Henry, reluctant to draw attention to his age, but knowing there was no helping it. "I'll need someone to sign me in at the Dormitory."

Bryce still had a supportive arm around Ian. Colin nodded, "I'll go with him." Colin and Henry turned off the path, cutting across the grass to the dormitories.

Colin and Henry walked together in easy silence, fireflies dancing across their path as sky darkened to a deep blue and the starlight filtered down, dimly illuminating their path. They arrived at the mid-level student dormitories after a few minutes.

They arrived at a free standing stone arch that their path passed through. The arch was just deep enough that it allowed for a shelf inside it, on which there was a book, quill and ink. Colin opened up, scratched his name, Colin's, and a flimsy excuse. Clapping Henry on the shoulder, he wished him goodnight and let Henry step through the arch to the other side.

Once out, Henry paused and turned back to Colin. "I've never seen a graduate like that. Lose control, I mean."

Colin frowned. Sometimes he forgot how young Henry was. He hurried to reassure the boy. "Ian will be fine. Just a spot of bad news from his family."

Henry nodded, his lips still pressed tight together and a crease between his brows.

Colin stepped toward Henry and felt an unpleasant buzz along his circulatory system as the invisible wall of magic that protected the children's dormitories refused him entry. He stepped back and shrugged. "Look, why don't you come by tomorrow? We have a few people coming over to work on some equations, and Bryon is in charge of breakfast. I'm sure Ian would like having you there."

Henry's brown unknitted to raise his eyebrows. "Tomorrow? I thought you all would be sleeping in. Or you would be going to see James," he added as an afterthought.

"Nah. We're too close to a breakthrough. I can see James the day after. Oh, be prepared to show your new stuff on the physical makeup of the spell."

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Armando Tipton, University Concierge

This Man can handle any crisis. Cool and always in control, he is practiced at handling both magical and non magical situations, despite his lack of formal education. If you need something done, Armando is your man, for the right price. He is cultivated and arrogant, but that is mostly a defense mechanism among men who are brilliant and powerful.

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Gordon Leether, Dean of Non-Mage Studies

The Dean of Non-Magical Studies, he is a brilliant man who has mostly arrived at his position due to his accomplishments and respect of his peers. e would rather be locked away doing research instead of making decisions. He also feels incredibly useless compared to Malcolm, especially since Malcolm has been doing this job for 200 years longer than Gordon. HE can be lighthearted, fun and even lovable.

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Friday, February 03, 2017
Lewis Pierce, High Mage

The middle-aged High Mage, head of the Fraternity of Mages. Very organized, very traditional, he's good at getting along with the nobility. He is excellent at fundraising for the University's various causes, but is often frustrated by students, and is of the opinion that the University would be perfect without them.

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A large empire broken up into many provinces. Most citizens of Selya still maintain their alligences first to the province they hail from. Lords govern each province. All of it is ruled over by the Markin Dynasty.

Flag: A white lotus with a golden sun rising out of it, on a field of green.

The palance is carved out of white limestone, the floors are inlaid stone.

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Skipping ahead.

The sliding wood-and-paper door rattled as Ian forcefully snapped it shut. He immediately crossed the room to a large wooden chest that could fit a dead body with minimal folding needed. Throwing it open and wincing as it smacked against the stone wall, he rummaged through it, steadily digging towards the bottom. He dragged out a worn leather travel sack and began sorting through a few other odds and ends, occasionally setting aside an item beside the travel sack.

"You can't be serious." Bryon stood in the doorway, arms folded across his broad chest.

"What would you have me do?" muttered Ian in response, holding a collapsible spy glass up to his eye and squinting down the brass tube. He collapsed it shut and set it into the 'maybe' pile.

"Oh, I don't know. But I would not have you use a highly experimental, likely suicidal spell to go do it."

Ian paused his sorting. His back was still to Byron, and his hands fell into his lap, still holding a spinning compass."How did you know?" Then, "You saw."

"We've been friends since we were eight years old. You think I don't know every loose marble you've got rattling around in that empty skull of yours? I don't have to use my gift to know you began planning the moment we left the Hall."

Ian resumed packing.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016
Byron, formerly Bryce

Byron is a seer and unique among the group in that he does not have some outstanding or unusual marker that is setting him apart. For now, he works in theory and does sight-work for the University to pay the bills. While at University he believes that when he tires of doing that he'll open up a shop in Renal spying on adulterous spouses and locating lost goods. As he does not have strong far-seeing abilities, the chance he will lose mind is slim. With curly brown hair, a heart-shaped face, rosy cheeks and blue-green eyes, he bears a strong resemblance to Cupid. It's fitting because he is a notorious womanizer who frequents the Golden Palace. By the time Alestra's story picks up, Byron has moved back to the Peach orchards of his childhood, using his knowledge to predict weather and harvests. He ends up marrying Becky of the Golden Palace.

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Colin is Ian's best friend besides Joseph. They are not year-mates, but are close despite Colin being older. Colin himself is very clumsy, irresponsible, and give the impression of being carefree. This is because he is actually under and incredible amount of pressure, and so when he is provided the opportunity, he will resort to the persona of the goofy, mischievous lay-about.

His life centers around someone who doesn't even live at the University: The Crown Prince of Renal. When Colin was very young, he was selected because of his sweet and agreeable temperament to be playmate of the prince. Shortly after that, it was discovered that Colin, son of the Prince's former wet-nurse and a baker, was a mage harboring considerable power. Since young mages are volatile and posed a threat to the prince, he was removed at the Prince's playmate.

It was no good, however, since the prince had already grown attached. Prince James threw fits until Colin was returned to him. From then on, the Prince and Colin were inseparable. Colin and the Prince attended lessons together, and had an idyllic childhood until Colin turned 10 years old and was sent to the University for training. The King had hoped that this would help lessen the Prince's attachment to Colin, but instead Prince James would go missing and ride to the University. Eventually, the King gives in and builds a stable and inn outside the University gates to accommodate the Prince's constant visits.

Colin is in a unique position as a mage in that the Prince covers all of his expenses, so he never needs to work. When the Prince becomes King, he is guaranteed the position of the King's primary advisor and personal mage. So, until the Prince calls on him, he is free to pursue his own passions. This is how he ends up as a researcher in theoretical magic. It is not all fun and games, however. Colin does take his duty to James very seriously, and diligently prepares for the day he will be one of the three most important mages in Renal. He studies weather magic, ways to detect traps, truths and lies, battle magic, and various non-magical studies as well: economics, agriculture, and law. Colin is very aware that his life is completely dependent on James' favor. For the most part, though, he his just happy to have James in love with him. Colin still does fear the time James will abandon him to marry.

Colin is very tall, with high cheek bones, full lips, and deep blue eyes with a ring of gold around the iris.Pale, lanky and awkward, he is quick to smile and generous to a fault and is confident of his place in life. His hair is ink-black with white tips.

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